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Each quarter, we host a meeting where members have the opportunity to network, learn about an area of our industry and have a bit of fun!

March 26, 2019
Tips & Tricks by Chrissy

Hosted by JC Power

Our first meeting of our new year was hosted by JC Power & Control.  It was an “electrifying experience” as they are Electrical Contractors.  The meeting took place at Moretti’s in Mt. Prospect on March 26, 2019. Michele Altobello (co-founder) and Cathie Muraski (President) kicked off the meeting with a short speech which entailed all of the wonderful things in store for the upcoming year.  All of the members received a “Welcome to the New Year” gift. Al Erlandson, President of JC Power, gave a very upbeat presentation as to how Unions in the industry work, a short briefing on electricity and had all of the girls in complete laughter with his story telling and jokes.  Joe Shafer, a union electrician with JC Power, gave an amazing power point presentation and explained to all of the girls how the controls/electrical wiring actually make the HVAC system in a building work. By the time the presentations were over, we were all little “sparkeys”!!!

The soft topic of our meeting was Tips & Tricks by Chrissy.  Chrissy is a licensed hair stylist. She had a model with her and showed all of the WCW girls quick tricks to perk up their hair, add a quick twist in the morning, go from flat to fluffy and get out of the house in the morning without it taking an hour to do your hair.  She started to pull girls from the group and was doing their hair as well. She played a game on words and as different words were called out, free beauty products were awarded to that girl. It was a meeting where no one wanted to leave.


Thank you to JC Power & Control for hosting our first of four meetings this year.  

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